Here is what JLynn had to say about the pre-order bonus scene:

Wait for You (Wait for You Saga)


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Hand stamped jewelry is truly a labor of love here at JLynnCreations. It is created one letter at a time with a hammer and metal alphabet stamps. We stamp, shape, drill, saw, polish and package each piece of personalized jewelry with tender loving care so our customers can carry their families with them wherever life takes them.

JLynnCreations started from my desire to be home with my family, and to be a presence in their lives. Life with three little boys was becoming quite hectic and so in 2009 I decided to take the plunge and stay home with the kids full time. My husband picked up extra hours at work to offset the part time job I left, while I stayed home and nurtured our little boys. When he would leave for work at 10 pm, I would also work, from our studio at home, stamping jewelry and building our business. By 2011 JLynnCreations, Inc. had grown so big that I needed him here at home to help me more and more. And so, with a leap of faith (and a good back up plan!), he quit his full time job. We now work side by side creating special pieces to celebrate your family!

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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Okay ladies I started this book at 9 pm last night and i stayed up till 5 am. I couldn't put it down, its my first book by J Lynn and I have to say it wont be my last You will laugh out loud while reading this book. Going to read Cam's point of view now :)

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JLynn mentioned that Nick will be getting a story! The MMA fighter named Brock will be getting a story too. JLynn said a while back that Steph will be getting a story so I assume her story will be with one of those guys.