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Dorothy Ann Jacob Krieger, 61, of Sedona, died Feb. 11.

Student’s Name: Jacob Krieger
Mother’s Name: Marilyn Walker
Father’s Name: James Cox
GPA: 3.76
Clubs & Activities: 2013 – present Musical Pit Orchestra; 2013 – present Dynamics Vocal Jazz Ensemble; 2011 – present Jazz Ensemble 1; 2011 – present Chamber Winds
Honors: 2012 Essentially Ellington Finalist; 2012 Essentially Ellington Outstanding Reed Section award
Awards: 2014 Directors Choice Award; 2014 Third Place in National Swing Central Competition; 2014 Newport Jazz Festival Most Outstanding Soloist Award; 2014 Silverwood Festival Outstanding Soloist award; 2014 Silverwood Festival Best in festival Soloist award; 2013 Jazz Ensemble 1 Most Improved.
Community Service: 2014 Summer Music School Student Leader; 2013 Pacific Sciences Center Summer Camp Student Leader
Current Employment: Private Music Instructor
Future Educational Goals: Jazz Studies Major
Future Career Goals: Professional Musician
Anything else we should know? My success in music and in life is both a result of my private teacher Peter Daniel and the MTHS music department. Peter has mentored me since sixth grade and has taught me so much. The choir director TJ Sullivan has encouraged me and helped me along my way. Last but certainly not least, Darin Faul has been one of the biggest influences in my life and has given me the life and musical knowledge that has allowed me to be successful in my craft. I would just like to thank these three men who have shaped me as a person.

In addition to taking home the top band prize, senior Jacob Krieger won an Outstanding Soloist Award in the AAAA division at the festival, the second time he has picked up the honor. Mountlake Terrace’s Joe Walrath, Jun Park and Andrew Sumabat earned Superior Soloist recognitions.

Dorothy Ann Jacob Krieger, 61, of Sedona, died Feb. 11.

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