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James Grout was born on Saturday, October 22nd, 1927 and is currently 88 years old.

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James Grout of Lakeland Florida seemed shocked and pleased when he got the call he had won a 3 day / 2 night Caribbean Cruise in the “Test Drive Your Way To The Caribbean!” contest at Lakeland Automall Ford & Hyundai. Congratulations James! Have a Great time and enjoy your trip!

Mother Love was an excellent series and James Grout played his part extremely well as the man who Diana Rigg manipulated to take the fall for her. Isla Blair was wonderful too as Diana's target victim and Deborah Grant appeared in the first episode as the mother of Diana's character when she was a child.

James Grout ( - ) voiced in the story .

James Grout
Born James David Grout
(1927-10-22)22 October 1927
London, England
Died 24 June 2012(2012-06-24) (aged 84)
Purton, Wiltshire, England
Occupation Actor

James Grout, born October 22 1927, died June 24 2012

James Grout, portly and imposing both in person and on screen, will be fondly remembered by the fans of Morse as the grumpy Superintendent Strange in the hit series. He brought a definite air of superior authority to the role: his voice was commanding and his presence made all the Oxford constabulary take care: as did, occasionally, Inspector Morse. Strange and John Thaw’s Morse built up a grudging on-screen relationship where they watched each other like hawks – never quite seeming to trust each other – but maintaining a certain respect. That tension added to the drama of the series and Grout exerted his authority with a benign but assured confidence.

James Grout is a favourite of mine too over the years. His waistline seemed to grow considerably over those years! He was very good as the intolerant Judge Oliphant in the last episodes of RUMPOLE OF THE BAILEY, where he and Robin Bailey tended to play the roles made available by the death of Bill Fraser, Rumpole's original adversary, Judge Bullingham aka "the Mad Bull"!