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James Van Praagh: It is very true about being aligned, because I knowthat in the readings that I do, I do a scan of the body. I willactually see the force, the prana energy going up and down the spine. Ican see where it's blocked at certain parts of the spine. I will say tothat person, "You have trouble in your back here, you have trouble inyour neck here, you have trouble in your stomach here." And they willsay "Yes!" I see the blockage of that energy.

James Van Praagh: You are already over there. I remember Yogananda, whowas ready for his death, he got everyone in a room and said somethinglike "Okay, I am going to be leaving now." And he left his body andthat was it. That is possible to do.

October, 2014“James Van Praagh on Communicating with the Other Side”

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    Two years ago, psychic James Van Praagh privately warned Barbara Walters about her health, only to be called out later on the TV icon’s daytime talk show, “The View” – and now, with Barbara headed for heart surgery, he has come forward to Access Hollywood to explain what happened.

    James Van Praagh: What happens when people are very ill (with somethinglike cancer or AIDS or a disease that really debilitates the body overa long period of time), is that several months before the actual deaththe silver cord begins to wear down to different levels, like a peelingoff, if you will. The person that is passing over will go in and out ofthe body on a conscious level, almost like a dress rehearsal, and willbecome aware of leaving the body. They are aware that they are outsideof the body, and then when it's time that the silver cord is finallysevered, they are okay, they are used to it, and it goes very naturallyfor them. This happens quite often.