Jane Eyre 2006: A very happy ending.

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Jane Eyre 2006 TV Mini Series Episode 4

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One of the most talked-about scenes was when Rochester tries to convince Jane to stay with him after their aborted wedding. They sit on a bed together; just after Rochester insists that they can live together chastely like brother and sister, they lie back on the bed and begin kissing. Some viewers were shocked by the steamy scene and how it strayed dramatically from the novel. However, others argued that passion is a major underlying theme in Jane Eyre and that showing Jane and Rochester expressing their desires was natural (“Jane Eyre 2006”). Personally, I side with the purists and argue that Brontë’s intent was to have Jane not give in to her desires. I will concede though that the scene makes Jane’s painful separation from Rochester very poignant and believable.

Jane Eyre 2006 TV Mini Series Episode 4

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Cast for BBC Jane Eyre 2006 Hot off of , we have our cast! EXCLUSIVE: BIG ROLE IN EYRE FOR FRAN By Nicola Methven is getting over her split from partner Ralph Fiennes with a major new TV role. The 62-year-old has landed a starring part in the BBC's production of Jane Eyre. She will play Lady Ingram in the £4million adaptation of the classic Charlotte Bronte novel. Other stars include , who plays Mr Rochester, as Mrs Reed and playing Grace Poole. A BBC insider said: "We hope to bring the novel alive for a whole new generation." Francesca and Fiennes, 43, split this month over his two-year affair with 31-year-old Romanian Cornelia Crisan. My goodness! Helen Graham is Mrs. Reed and Gilbert Markham is Mr Rochester?!! (Both starred in the of Tenant of Wildfell Hall, set for DVD release this April). ETA: Image above is Toby Stephens and Tara Fitzgerald as Gilbert Markham and Helen Graham. The article shockingly neglects Ruth Wilson, who will be playing Jane Eyre (remember her?). Luckily she has her own . ETA: Speaking of Brontëana posts, here is the . There's good news. I forgot the date (have I mentioned that I'm terrible with numbers?). The release is not in April… it's in March! In fact, it's March 13th!

Now has it's on the Internet Movie Database. There is nothing there at all- just the title, date, and that it will be produced by the BBC. Nothing new, therefore, but news might break there in the near future. Also, somewhat new, I have a report from Yorkshire than filming began two weeks ago outside of the reporter's village. Correction, there is one bit of news- if the page is to be trusted, Jane Eyre 2006 will be a mini-series.