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Hi everyone! This is my first time doing blogilates and I printed off the January calendar! I’ve been wondering though…in the videos, Cassey always says “These moves will tone your muscles, but in order for them to show, you need to do your cardio.” Do her monthly calenders include this “cardio” needed in order to burn the layer of fat so our beautiful muscles can show? :) Or do I need to do 30 mins of elliptical a day? I know that doing extra cardio will speed up the process of definition, but do are all of the POP hiits and such that Cassey puts on her calendar enough cardio? (This is coming from a student who has a limited amount of workout time hahaha) Sorry for this essay of a post!!

I love your workouts :) I have been following the january calendar and I feel fitter and stronger already. But for some reason I’m just not loosing any weight :S But I do eat clean. I heard that muscles are heavier than fat, so that could be the reason… Or could it be something else? Does anyone have the same ‘problem’?
Anyways I’m not going to give up!

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