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Who Do You Love: A Novel


Goodnight Nobody - Jennifer Weiner

Jennifer Weiner has had multiple dream jobs, and there's no sign she's waking up anytime soon. She's an author with multiple best sellers, had her boo...

Jennifer Weiner writes what is often referred to as women's fiction. But that term is imperfect for many reasons — so we'll just refer to her as the...

— Jennifer Weiner (@jenniferweiner)

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A propos d'amour de Jennifer Weiner
Tim ne verrait jamais sa fille rentrer à la maternelle; s'habiller pour un spectacle de danse ou obtenir le bac. Sa fille ne lui briserait jamais le cœur, mais il n'aurait pas non plus l'occasion d'espérer pour elle, ni de voir ses rêves se réaliser.

— Jennifer Weiner (@jenniferweiner)

How many authors of commercial fiction do you know who get huge, glowing profiles in the New Yorker? Well, Jennifer Weiner just did, as she continues to ride her successful hobbyhorse about not getting respect.

Jennifer Weiner is a bestselling author, an outspoken critic of the literary establishment, a self-described feminist, an avid -- and hilarious -- liv...