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One of my favorite television shows that I enjoy and love watching is The New Girl. I could picture “Jessica Day” being my life in about 4-5 years. It is about a single girl who is around 30 years old. She is an English teacher and lives with 3 guys as roommates. Her best friend is a model. I am basically like her but I don’t have any best friends who are models. Some of them come close to being one but then choose to go in different directions. Okay, so anyway I feel like I am this character Jessica Day is me in real life. She is bubbly, smart, beautiful, and she doesn’t hide who she really is.

Jessica Day is my role model as a teacher. I believe that her philosophy( of television) of teaching is similar to mine. I believe that as a teacher I will have such a huge responsibility to my students and the world behind me. I am so passionate of becoming a teacher. I want to change lives and inspire students who are on the border of giving up.

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Jessica Day: Polka Dot Enthusiast

Jessica Day George (born October 11, 1976) is an American author, who currently lives in Utah. She is a New York Times bestselling author, and she received the 2007 for Best Book by a New Author for .

Dragon tales make me giddy. I love the adventure, the magic, the characters. Robin McKinley and Patricia C. Wrede have both provided me with hours of entertainment and joy over the years. And now, with the release of her debut DRAGON SLIPPERS, Jessica Day George has managed to win herself a spot alongside some of fantasy's greatest; as well as in my heart. From the very first sentence until the very last, I found George's writing lyrical and enjoyable, with a twist of magic, a dash of friendship, and a sprinkle of uniqueness. Creel is an unforgettable, irresistible character, whose talent in embroidery is amazing; while her humbleness makes her likable. Her tongue - which is as sharp as a dragon's tail - however, works in her favor to illustrate what a confident, cool, collected, intelligent individual she is. Her ability to verbally make mince-meat out of anyone she comes in contact with - be it royal or peasant - is humorous; and her unlikely friendships with dragons of all shapes and sizes is quite reminiscent of Patricia C. Wrede's ENCHANTED FOREST CHRONICLES. While Creel's character alone can carry the tale from beginning to end, she is surrounded by a quirky cast of characters who each provide the reader with even more entertainment. The prissy Marta, whose curls are always perfect is an unlikely lovable character who could bring a smile to anyone's face; while the mute Tobin illustrates that a handicap doesn't stop someone from being rough and tumble. Tobin is so jovial, yet he masks it by his gruff demeanor. Still, he manages to make an appealing character, whom you can't get enough of. George introduced some unique aspects within the pages of DRAGON SLIPPERS. Her discussion of the dragons various hordes is interesting, and gives each dragon their own personality - from Shardas who collects stained-glass windows, to Theoradus who collects shoes, and even to Feniul, who collects, of all things, dogs. Their own personal likes and dislikes help the reader separate them from one another, and make it quite easy to choose favorites within the story. DRAGON SLIPPERS is an amazing debut, that leaves room for a sequel that is sure to be fabulous. A clever mix of fashion and fantasy to create the ultimate adventure!