Courtesy of The Jessie Rees Foundation

Never Ever Give Up: The Inspiring Story of Jessie and Her JoyJars


You may enjoy watching the following video about Jessie Rees.

Jessie’s innocent gesture has grown into the Jessie Rees Foundation – . NEGU is Jessie’s motto of “Never Ever Give Up”. Due to the generous support of sponsors such as , , , and , Joy Jars have reached 115 Children’s hospitals and 175 .

Her continuing legacy – The Jessie Rees Foundation continues to grow by leaps and bounds. Jessie’s dream was for every child battling cancer to have a Joy Jar. Through continuing sponsorships and donations her dream is rapidly coming to fruition.

To learn more about the Jessie Rees Foundation, visit .

The Jessie Rees Foundation & Edwards Lifesciences JoyJar Team

Jessica Joy Rees received this heartbreaking diagnosis in March of 2011. I met Jessie’s “daddy”, Erik Rees, through my service in the Memorial Ministry at where he is a pastor. I listened to Pastor Rees speak and comfort families during the most difficult times of their lives. Never did I imagine such a reversal of roles.

As I mentioned above, you should watch her Celebration of Life Service. I know the word is often overused, but in this case applies, “Amazing”. She was an amazing little girl.
Her family is working so hard. They have found something to put their energy into that continues to honor their daughter, sister, niece, granddaughter, friend…..
I suggest that you “Like” the Jessie Rees Foundation-Never Ever Give Up on Facebook. You will see the faces of the children who are receiving Joy Jars. They will melt your heart.
Love you,