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Jesus, CEO: Using Ancient Wisdom for Visionary Leadership


Jesus CEO eBook by Laurie Beth Jones - Kobo

“When Jones says “elements” she means it. …The best-selling Jesus CEO uses water, earth, wind and fire as a way to assess personality types… explaining how readers can identify their own personality profiles, Jones outlines each element’s strengths and challenges. She then suggests how the various types can work together – just as their namesake elements do.”

The business principles in this book are sound and each chapter is worth consideration and reflection. Each chapter is actually immediately actionable. No vague concepts, just strait talk about what you can and should do today to be a visionary leader. Even though Jesus CEO is a decade old, the information is in no way dated. Anybody serious about improving their leadership skills should add this book to their library.

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The average chapter in Jesus CEO is about three pages long followed by a few questions for your own personal self-reflection. This makes for an easy read whether you want to read one chapter a day (takes about three minutes) or several chapters at a time.

Her first book, Jesus CEO, Using Ancient Wisdom For Visionary Leadership was written when she was struck by the notion that Jesus’ leadership approach with his staff (disciples) ran counter to many of the management styles and techniques being employed and popularized. As the owner of a successful marketing company, Laurie became increasingly dismayed to find invaluable human energy and intelligence untapped or underutilized. She made it her goal to help empower people by encouraging them to re-view the divine excellence in themselves and in those they serve. Using Ancient Wisdom for Visionary Leadership is a practical, step-by-step guide to communicating with and motivating people. It is based on the Strength of Self-Mastery, Strength of Action, and Strength of Relationship skills that Jesus used to train and motivate his team. It can be applied to any business, service, or endeavor that depends on more than one person to accomplish a goal, and can be implemented by anyone who dares. Laurie Beth uses the content of becoming an “Omega Leader” as one of her key Leadership Resources when working with teams and developing leaders. She coined this phrase, “Omega Leader” as a result of looking at the leadership style of Jesus and how he led using both the Alpha and Beta styles of leadership.