Jill Clayburgh as "Annie's Mom"

• Jill Clayburgh, actor, born 30 April 1944; died 5 November 2010

Unspeakable Acts

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How old is Jill Clayburgh? Find out here.

Starting Over

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Costume Selected by Edith Head for Jill Clayburgh in “Gable & Lombard”

I'm Dancing As Fast As I Can

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When I think of Jill Clayburgh, I picture her vomiting.

It's My Turn

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Letitia Darling’s impeccable pedigree had nothing on Jill Clayburgh.

I remember Jill Clayburgh in An Unmarried Woman. As Erica Benton -- a New York woman coping with life after divorce -- she conveyed a calm, even s...

Actress Kristen Wiig also has fond memories of working with the late star on the movie: "I felt honoured the moment she signed on. She was just what you would think. She was a very maternal, nurturing spirit. She was also game for anything. There were times when she was saying things and I would just start laughing. I was like, 'Oh, my God, I'm making Jill Clayburgh talk about motor-boating,' which didn't end up in the movie. She was amazing. I feel honoured to have worked with her."

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Jill Clayburgh
Nascimento 30 de abril de 1944
Nova York, EUA
Nacionalidade norte-americana
Morte 5 de novembro de 2010 (66 anos)
Lakeville (Connecticut), EUA
Ocupação atriz
Atividade 1966-2010
Oscares da Academia
Duas indicações
Festival de Cannes
1978: Melhor interpretação feminina, por An Unmarried Woman
IMDb: (inglês)

Fools Rush In starring Matthew Perry, Salma Hayak, Jill Clayburgh

An Unmarried Woman helped get me through a summer of living in the woods with a bunch of guys. Dare I say that I've had a soft spot for Jill Clayburgh ever since?

Originally posted on Women's Voices for Change. The New York Times captured her gifts and her warmth in Jill Clayburgh's obituary on November 6. It ...