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Joe Randazzo is as imposing as they come.

Joe Randazzo is an independent screenwriter and producer. His screenplays have won over 20 awards since 2006. His most celebrated work, "Ripper," won seven awards on the festival circuit. Joe is also the co-writer on two comedy shorts with Dave Campfield: "Caesar & Otto meet Dracula's Lawyer," featuring horror favorites Lloyd Kaufman and Debbie Rochon, and "The Perfect Candidate" starring Joe Estevez, Robert Z'Dar, and Maria Olsen. Randazzo also produced and co-wrote "Deadly XMas," a parody of the 1980s "Santa Slasher" sub-genre featuring CKY front man Deron Miller, Lloyd Kaufman, and Linnea Quigley, amongst others. "Deadly Xmas" has been well received both critically and on the festival circuit, garnering several screenwriting awards, as well as nominations for Best Feature at several festivals. The film was widely praised by Ain't It Cool News, HorrorHound magazine, MJ Simpson, and many others, receiving stellar reviews leading up to it's release on DVD, VOD, and OnDeman Pay-Per-View in the November of 2013. The follow-up, "Paranormal Halloween" films in 2014 for a national DVD and VOD release in the fall of 2015.

Randazzo most recently wrote a screen adaptation of Julie C. Morse's novel "Out of the Box." The spec script, a nominee at the 2014 Beverly Hills Film Festival, is being shopped.

Sunday ended up being really overcast, and FINALLY cooler in temperature. Met up with the lovely and fantastic Katherine Randazzo, no relation. We met last year, have a ton in common (ie same culinary school, her husband is also a Joe Randazzo, etc), and love to chat about food. Kat has spent a lot of time in NY working in various kitchens and now at the Brooklyn Kitchen teaching classes.

Joe Randazzo is as imposing as they come.

  • Joe Randazzo is as imposing as they come.

    Joe Randazzo is the former editor of The Onion, the world's most popular satirical newspaper, as well as NPRThis American LifePBSCharlie RoseMSNBCMorning JoeBurke Medal for Outstanding Contribution to Public Discourse through the ArtsCollege Historical SocietyTrinity College Dublin

    Joe Randazzo has been one of America’s leading satirists for the last decade, as the editor of The Onion and then working with Adult Swim. His name has been gold with comedy nerds in the know, and this week, Randazzo got a huge boost of public recognition with perhaps his biggest and most high-profile project yet: Funny or Die’s of Donald Trump’s 1987 business book/memoir, .