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John Bell Young’s childhood was spent on the north shore of Long Island. His mother was a librarian, his father, a native American Cherokee, was an amateur pianist and inventor. As a child, his first piano teachers were Miriam Freundlich, whose brother-in-law Irwin was chair of the piano division at Juilliard, and later Kyriena Siloti the daughter of Russian pianist Alexander Siloti. At age nine, Young enrolled in acting classes in New York culminating in a bit part in Carl Reiner’s film . At age fourteen, Bell attended the in and entered the music program directed by Norwood Hinkle.

John Bell Young (born July 8, 1953 in ) is an American , and , best known for his performances and recordings of the music of the Russian composer (1871-1915).

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  • Piano Music of Friedrich Nietzsche: John Bell Young, pianist, with assisting artist, Constance Keene, piano. (Newport Classic CD 85513)
  • National Aeronautics and Space Administration Lyndon B

    Best known for his performances and recordings of the music of the Russian composer, (1871-1915), John Bell Young has performed frequently throughout and the Baltics. Endorsed by Scriabin’s daughters, Marina Scriabine and Yelena Scriabina Sofronitsky, he was also a consultant to the first Scriabin International Piano Competition in in 1995, where a special prize was awarded in his name. Young first came to prominence in 1990 with his critically acclaimed recordings, on the label, of the little known musical compositions of the controversial 19th century German philosopher, , which were the first commercially issued discs of his piano and chamber music. has since acquired these recordings for eventual re-release. In 1992 he performed Nietzsche's music in , thus ending a nearly 75-year ban of the philosopher's work. He is widely regarded as a champion of rarely performed repertoire by underrated composers, several of whom were amateurs who became famous in professions outside of music. In 1991 he founded the , a venture committed to exploring the relationship between music and literature as well as the musical compositions of other celebrated literary figures.

    A prolific writer, John Bell Young was a critic for a number of leading newspapers and magazines, including: the , , the , , , , and . He is also the author of five books, published by Amadeus Press, about the music of , , , and . His sixth book, , will be published by in 2015. He was also a frequent annotator for , Angelok Records and other labels, penning descriptive and analytical liner notes for , , and . Young also writes often about dogs, his other passion, for the popular online publication and also the .