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John Bassett died on 11 February 1848 at Harwich, MA, at age 77.[1]

(1) Welcome
(2) Bassett Reunion items from 1897-1900 reunions
(2) Adam Marshall Bassett (high jump champion)
(3) John Bassett of Leicester City, England (Bricklayer)
(4) Ira Baxter Bassett (Iron Works)
(5) New family lines combined or added since the last newsletter
(6) DNA project update

We had 1 donation of $50 towards the DNA project since the last newsletter.

Section 1 - Welcome

It has been a busy month with the graduation of one son from high school and the completion of the outdoor track and soccer seasons. I have shared a family photo of a recent track meet with everyone this month.

I gave a Bassett DNA presentation in Richmond, Illinois last month and met a very distant cousin for the first time. We had to go back 10 generations to find our common Bassett ancestor. I will be giving another DNA presentation in Mineral Point, Wisconsin on September 27, 2008. If you live in southwest Wisconsin and are interested in hearing this talk, let me know and I will give you the time and place of this presentation.

Two new DNA results are back for descendants of the #14 Jean Besset of Quebec. Three new kits were sent out, one to a Bassett in Australia, one in Germany, and one in England.

John Bassett of Hunterdon County, New Jersey
Isaac Bassett (b. 1863) and wife Ann Davidson
Dr. John Young Bassett (b.1805) and wife Isaphoena Thompson ()
Dr. Henry Willis Bassett and wife Carrie Neal
Neal Bassett (b. 1871)

Child of John Bassett and Mary/Mercy Ellis

John Bassett (Courtesy of Heritage University)

Section 4 - Featured Bassett: John Bassett of Leciester City, England (Bricklayer)

John descends from #132B John Bassett of Leicester, England as follows:

John Bassett (m. 1804) and wife Lydia Seawell
William Bassett (b. 1804) and wife Elizabeth
John Bassett (b. 1826) and wife Eliza Cobley
John Bassett (b. 1846)

John Bassett of Leicester City, England, born 1846. He married Harriett Banner.
Picture courtesy of David E. Collins (great-grandson of John Bassett)
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John Bassett was listed as a bricklayer in the census as was his father John Bassett and grandfather William Bassett.

This family is represented in the Bassett DNA project by kit N26946. They belong to the DNA group of the Bassetts of Staffordshire.