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Associate Producer/Co-Writer/Co-Director Jon Russell Cring who took home “Best Director Feature Comedy” for his film, LITTLE BI PEEP at the 2013 Downbeach Film Festival. Other features include CREEPING CRAWLING and POINT SOCIETY.

When producer Stan Denis decided to help make the script of “The Night We Met” a reality, there was one place he thought of as the perfect backdrop. Director Jon Russell Cring went with Denis to scout Schroon Lake and met Maureen and Robert Diaz, owners of The Adirondack General Store. “The lake and mountains were picturesque, Maureen and Robert were so excited to be involved, and we walked out their front door and saw a phone booth,” Jon recalled with a hearty laugh.

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Saturday and Sunday evening, August 13-14, brings an entirely different flavor to the Strand’s big (and brand-new) screen with the world premiere of “The Night We Met,” an independent feature directed and co-written by Albany-area-based filmmaker Jon Russell Cring and shot in and around Schroon Lake—about the kind of unforgettable night shared by two young lovers that we’ve all had or wished we had at least once in our youth.

Director Jon Russell Cring and his wife, Tracy Nichole Cring, have made 18 feature films together. The duo wrote the script based on a night Tracy had in her late teens meeting a guy for the first time and driving around having conversations and adventures. “I think everyone has had one of those magic nights where sparks fly and, if they haven’t had one, they wish they had,” said Tracy, who in addition to her role as co-screenwriter, worked as the film’s director of photography and its editor.