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Institutional Investor Activism: Hedge Funds and Private Equity, Economics and Regulation


(with Joseph McCahery and Erik Vermeulen)

Introduction After Enron: Improving Corporate Law and Modernising Securities Regulation in Europe and the US JOHN ARMOUR and JOSEPH A McCAHERY Part I: Stock Markets and Information 1 The Mechanisms Of Market Efficiency Twenty Years Later: The Hindsight Bias RONALD J GILSON and REINIER KRAAKMAN 2 Taming the Animal Spirits of the Stock Markets: A Behavioural Approach to Securities Regulation DONALD C LANGEVOORT Part II: Corporate Scandals in Historical and Comparative Context 3 Icarus and American Corporate Regulation DAVID A SKEEL, JR 4 Corporate Governance after Enron: An Age of Enlightenment SIMON DEAKIN and SUZANNE J KONZELMANN 5 Financial Scandals and the Role of Private Enforcement: The Parmalat Case GUIDO FERRARINI and PAOLO GIUDICI 6 A Theory of Corporate Scandals: Why the US and Europe Differ JOHN C COFFEE, JR Part III: Evaluating Regulatory Responses: The US and UK 7 The Case for Shareholder Access to the Ballot LUCIAN ARYE BEBCHUK 8 Rules, Principles, and the Accounting Crisis in the United States WILLIAM W BRATTON 9 The Oligopolistic Gatekeeper: The US Accounting Profession JAMES D COX 10 The Liability Risk for Outside Directors: A Cross-Border Analysis BERNARD BLACK, BRIAN CHEFFINS and MICHAEL KLAUSNER 11 The Legal Control of Directors' Conflicts of Interest in the United Kingdom: Non-Executive Directors Following the Higgs Report RICHARD C NOLAN Part IV: Reforming EU Company Law and Securities Regulation 12 Enron and Corporate Governance Reform in the UK and the European Community PAUL DAVIES 13 Modern Company and Capital Market Problems: Improving European Corporate Governance After Enron KLAUS J HOPT 14 Who Should Make Corporate Law? EC Legislation versus Regulatory Competition JOHN ARMOUR 15 Company and Takeover Law Reforms in Europe: Misguided Harmonization Efforts or Regulatory Competition? GERARD HERTIG and JOSEPH A McCAHERY 16 The Regulatory Process for Securities Law-Making in the EU EILIS FERRAN 17 EC Company Law Directives and Regulations: How Trivial Are They? LUCA ENRIQUES

John Armour is University Senior Lecturer in Law, Cambridge University and research associate at the Centre for Business Research, University of Cambridge. Joseph A McCahery is Professor of Corporate Governance and Business Innovation at the University of Amsterdam Faculty of Economics and Econometrics and Professor of International Business Law at Tilburg University Faculty of Law.

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Joseph Aloysius McCahery is an academic researcher, corporate lawyer and institutional adviser. McCahery is most notable for his contribution in and , business law, financial markets and banking regulations, the political economy of and taxation.

Corporate governance regimes : convergence and diversity / ed. Joseph McCahery [et al.]. — Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2002. — ISBN:0-19-924787-0