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Announcing the Jim Kweskin Jug Band 2015 Reunion Tour

The Genuine Jug Band plays both styles. As for jazz, the song that legitimized the traditional jazz form we call “Dixieland” was recorded in 1917 when the Original Dixieland Jazz Band recorded The Darktown Strutter’s Ball. The song was written by Shelton Brooks, a Canadian. So you see, Canada has been a major silent contributor to jazz. The Genuine Jug Band brings a sizzling breath of new life to jug band music through traditional and original songs that remind you just how incredibly fun this music really is.

We were in southern California late 66 when I chanced upon a performance by the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band. They were an incredible jug band. NGDB, led by Jeff Hanna would have topped the scene as the most entertaining jug band. But, alas, they eventually added drums, dropped the gut bucket for electrics and eased their way into what rightfully seemed like a larger market. Inquisitive, I immediately caught up with The Jim Kweskin band, although all band members were surprisingly good, Geoff Muldaur’s performance gave representation to the bygone era and a subtle credibility that led you to believe, this was the real thing. Low and behold after referencing original groups from the turn of the century, the Kweskin band not only held up, they were better than the original groups. However, the original groups possessed one strong point, they wrote the songs. The scene swept me away and within a week I too had a jug band.

Ragun’ Cajun Jug Band feature in Digital Art Masters

Print Headline: Tennessee Mafia Jug Band to play 'pass the hat' show

This is a three piece high energy, visual, theatrical and comedic musical group. We have written, performed and directed many long running shows and this; the Genuine Jug Band is yet another example of product that delivers at the most professional level everything you could anticipate and more. Jug band music, the birthplace of both jazz and blues was the most popular form of music in the southern states of America from 1910 to around 1930.

Painted Mandolin is a new all-star quartet dedicated to exploring the acoustic side of Jerry Garcia. The group digs into Garcia’s music from his jug band days with Old and In the Way, the Grateful Dead’s Reckoning and his collaborations with David Grisman in the Garcia Grisman Band. The group includes Joe Craven, Matt Hartle, Larry Graff and Roger Sideman.