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Karma Decay does a reverse image search of Reddit, which allows you to use an image to search for a thread in which that image appeared. The search engine also can locate duplicates of the image you are searching with.

Karma Decay is a limited reverse image search system for the images available on the Reddit only. So, here is the major limitation as you can’t use this reverse image search system for general image searching system. If you want to search a duplicate or similar image on the Reddit then Karma Decay will be useful for that purpose because it will make it possible for you. For the easiness of the users Karma Decay support for the two image search system that are either uploading the image by way of searching from the PC or providing the URL of image or Reddit page. You can limit the search by selecting through the option of pics, funny, WTF, NSFW, others and all Reddit. Some limitations are there but overall service is good for limited search.

My first full length song, I've ever made, called "Karma Decay"

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    Karma Decay is an exclusive made for Reddit users. This search engine helps to identify whether not an image was previously published on Reddit. This not only ensures that the image you are about to upload is unique, but also your account doesn’t gets banned due to the violation of their terms. Simply click on the upload button, choose your image and hit enter.

    My first full length song, I've ever made, called "Karma Decay". Sorry for the bad quality, I'm a real noob when it comes to recording music and nore am I a composer. So for all you "experts" out there please keep in mind that I have only spent about a year or so trying to learn how to record and mix.
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