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After the events of Marduk donned a black jaguar mask and challenged King to a rematch via television. Enraged by the assault on his master's honor, King resolved to settle the score in The King of Iron Fist Tournament 5.In his 4th match in the tournament, he fought . Julia told King to stop fighting just because Marduk called him out. King refused to allow such disgrace to his master, and Julia had to stop King by herself. However, King was the victor in the match and was given even more fuel to beat Marduk. 2 wins after this, he had the chance to fight Marduk. Marduk adamantly said he would beat King "fair and square". Once again however, King won. Marduk conceded defeat and King offered his hand in friendship, reconciling the difference between the two.

King stopped by a newsstand along his journey to pick up a copy of the day's paper. He's been making headlines across the country recently after news broke that his wife has been engaged in a .

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