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Kopaka prefers to work alone. He is the least communicative of the Toa, and will only join forces with the others if it's absolutely necessary for his own survival.

Kopaka was present when defeated , and when was rediscovered.

Toa (2015)(v|e)

In the movie , and used Kopaka Nuva's shield as a mini sled.

Kopaka is cool, calculating and methodical in his actions. His long ice blade cuts and melts ice; one skillful swipe can cause avalanches or instantly freeze anything it touches. It is believed that Kopaka brings the winters, and the long cold nights...and it is known that his power strikes a balance against the fiery presence of Tahu.

His new power has, if anything, [made] Kopaka Nuva even colder and more remote than the mountain upon which he lives. His ice blade can be split in two to form power ice skates that let him rip through the ice and snow. He wears Akaku Nuva, using its power to keep watch on all of Ko-wahi from the top of Mount Ihu.