La la la-la la la la la la la-la

La La La [feat. Sam Smith]

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La La La La La La La La La La La La

No, the boy was never forced but in reality we all are never forced... it's all temptation and unfortunately we usually follow.. I'm just thankful I finally really listened to what this song was really saying becuase all this time before I was just hearing the lalala .... thank you for the post

I worship god just wanted to make that clear ... First of what u say about the door 1111 yes it might mean some spiritual realm then i see this guy in the room with Red Shirt and Black Pants im not sure about the gold watch though but it means the devil and then he covers his ears from what the devil is say and then in the gym where he see the old man and the girls dancing he indicates to the old man to do the what the song title say and the first lady in the room is wearing the same red black and gold outfit and to what im see when the boy does it she is angry and tries to run him out but the oldman falls from under her spell and the the kid buys him a new heart from a man in blue and white which represents good not sure about the man dancing though but then he carries the kid to a cave where the devil is to chant his lalala where i figured out he might be chanting words of god .. not saying the song doesnt look wrong but from what im seeing im looking on it the both ways ...

La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La la la

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La La La La La La La La LA La la La La La La.

wow! what an amazing comments, it's flooding!

well all i want to say is.. la la la la..la la la la la!!

means if you don't like the message of the song don't watch or listen to it! I'm a Christian myself but IDC about the lyrics as long as i'm not letting it sync into me.

all i listen to is the rhythm of this song that is kinda nice, that's all.
but yes I also agree with you, you have a nice interpretation for the song... but can we not use the name of the Lord in vain?! why is it always about demons and religions when some songs or movies or celebrities are becoming famous?!

just my opinion! :)

I agree with your comment about Naughty boy "la la la la". I feel the same way with the author, realizing that this song is misleading. I am a Muslim and have been looking for from a variety of sources and elements that I have found is the devil in this song