Lady Terminator, Directed by H. Tjut Djalil (as Jalil Jackson), 1988

Lady Terminator


Lady Terminator, Directed by H. Tjut Djalil (as Jalil Jackson), 1988

That was the experience I had when I first watched, and instantly loved, Lady Terminator, one of the most wildly inept, but deliriously entertaining low-budget foreign films ever made. I knew I had to introduce it to cult movie lovers in Chicago when I hosted a lecture based on this movie and the Indonesian exploitation film industry. (You can see that lecture ).

All bets are off when the spirit of a vengeful, sexually insatiable South Seas queen possesses nubile anthropology student Tania Wilson (Barbara Anne Constable) who morphs into … the Lady Terminator. Armed with an AK-47 and bullets galore, she'll stop at nothing to satisfy the long-dead queen's thirst for revenge against the offspring of a man who roused her fury. This 1989 cult classic also stars Christopher Hart and Claudia Angelique Rademaker.

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  1. Lew Ojeda says:

    I had an interview with Barbara Anne Constable last year regarding this great role. Check out my blog to read it. Also, join the Lady Terminator Appreciation Society on Facebook to help spread the word about this wild film.

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The film’s star, Barbara Anne Constable, had remained a mysterious cult movie figure since the film’s appearance on Indonesian screens in 1989. In the twenty years since, Lady Terminator has delighted audiences internationally in Australia, in the United States and has just finished screening at the Toronto Underground Film Festival! Constable has been the inspiration for everything from movie poster art and to .

BAC: I started out as professional commercial dancer/choreographer, and as such I did quite a lot of television commercials in Australia and Hong Kong. So I suppose I was used to being in front of the camera and on stage. The professional dancing also lead me into modeling, and when I got the role of Lady Terminator, I was in Hong Kong at the time on a twelve month modeling contract with Irene’s Models, and Models International (both leading agencies in Hong Kong). I was casting for jobs often many times a day, and I was asked whether I was interested in casting for a film that was to be shot in Indonesia. The agent did mention that there was some nudity (nothing graphic), and that I would have to learn how to use firearms for the film, and that there would be some fight scenes – and I thought ‘why not – sounds like an adventure’. A few months before this I had played the role of a dancer for a Chinese film that was shot in Shanghai.