The Failure of Laissez Faire Capitalism


Laissez Faire Capitalism Does Not Work

It’s tepid, but better than anything the US government’s has done so far. The Boycott Divestment and Sanctions campaign continues. Truth in labelling’s at least a start. Now if only we could get the “laissez faire” label removed from laissez faire capitalism.

The concentration of money (capital and profits) in capitalism can lead to the creation of . As postulated by , oligopolies and monopolies can then lead to oligarchies (government by a few) or (the merging of government and corporations with monopolistic power). Laissez faire capitalism, as espoused in 19th century U.S. business growth, did reach the point where monopolies and oligopolies were formed (e.g., ), which gave rise to antitrust laws, trade union movements, and legislation to protect workers.

Re: Re: Laissez Faire Capitalism: A Psychopathic Ideology

  • Economic system based on cooperation rather than
  • Believes in government ownership of business and
  • Government controls production and distribution
    of goods.
  • Opposite of laissez faire and capitalism

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Under the Laissez Faire capitalism, demand and supply forces are totally free to operate and entrepreneurs together with customers freely compete with each other in the private market to determine the prices.

Several studies have documented the important contribution of Darwin to laissezfaire capitalism: An analysis of the Anthracite Coal Strike Commission (1902-1903) hearings found: