The Last Magazine, Hastings’s first (and last) novel.

Joan Smalls for The Last Magazine Fall Winter 2011

The Last Magazine: A Novel


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: Exactly, and I love how in the piece he predicted that it would become hugely politicized and that bringing Bowe Bergdahl home would start to signal the end of the Afghan War. He thought that there would be a firestorm immediately after publication two years ago. That firestorm came now—and, I think, is exactly the message of his book, The Last Magazine, in terms of what the establishment media seizes on as to make a story. The country didn’t care, the media didn’t care, overall, that this lone sergeant was in captivity for five years, but then, suddenly, when there’s the opportunity to politicize it and to re-victimize someone who has been tortured for five years, everyone’s all over it. And then, that’s disgusting and something that would have really angered Michael.

Mikael Jansson captures an edgy and somewhat hardcore portrait of supermodel for the cover of the Spring/Summer 2014 issue of The Last Magazine.

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Book Review: 'The Last Magazine' by Michael Hastings

: Today, to mark the first anniversary of Michael Hastings’ death, which is actually tomorrow, another major work from Michael Hastings is upon us. It’s not an investigative report but a posthumous novel, a satire Hastings wrote of the corporate news media based on his time at Newsweek. The book is called The Last Magazine. Michael Hastings’ widow, Elise Jordan, helped bring the book to life after coming across the manuscript following her husband’s death. Elise Jordan is a journalist, political commentator. She served as a director for communications in the National Security Council from 2008 to ’09 and was a speechwriter for Condoleezza Rice. In fact, you met Michael when you were a speechwriter for Condoleezza Rice?

The Last Magazine delves into the decline of print journalism through the eyes of an intern and a foreign correspondent at one of the last great weekly print magazines—a magazine, it should be noted, that bears a strong resemblance to Newsweek, where Hastings was an unpaid intern in 2002.