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Leadership In Nursing Practice: Changing the Landscape of Health Care


Leadership in Nursing (revised)

Nursing is a caring and compassionate profession, drawing in such people with the desire and drive to help others.
Throughout history there have been a number of inspiring leaders in nursing, who have helped to make healthcare what it is today. They have been on the front lines of military conflicts and have provided their care and expertise in hospitals and clinics around the world.
We’ve created a new page on our website that recognises significant points in history and looks at the importance that these leaders in nursing have made.

Indeed, such is the embracing of professional accreditation that the NHS has adopted the Leading an Empowered Organisation (LEO) project in order to encourage the use of transformational leadership (Moiden, 2002). By doing so, the NHS hopes to ensure that professionals may empower themselves and others through responsibility, authority, and accountability. The programme also aims to help professionals develop autonomy, take risks, solve problems, and articulate responsibility (Moiden, 2002). Strategies such as the Leading and Empowered Organisation (LEO) programme and the RCN Clinical Leaders Programme are designed to produce future leaders in nursing who are aware of the benefits of transformational leadership (Faugier andWoolnough, 2002). This is therefore not only a programme that is relevant to today’s NHS but is also one that is preparing the nursing leaders of tomorrow.

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Leadership in Nursing, Quality Improvement

Leadership styles in nursing management play a very significant role in the management of a nursing facility. This article throws light on management and leadership styles practiced in the nursing profession.

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