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Learning as a Way of Being: Strategies for Survival in a World of Permanent White Water


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If you are willing to step up to learning as a way of being within your organization, please and we’ll look at what changes would support your efforts.

Introduction: An Ordinary Day on the River: Living in a World of Permanent White Water; WAYS OF LEARNING: DOING VERSUS BEING; Learning as a Means to Doing: Institutional Learning and the Institutionalized Learner; Learning as a Way of Being: All Experience Is Learning; WAYS OF BEING: STRATEGIES FOR LEARNING; Systems Learning; Leaderly Learning; Cultural Unlearning; Spiritual Learning; Epilogue: Discovery, Cultivation, Recognition, and the Real Learnings of Life.

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    How does learning as a way of being work? There isn’t really a definitive, the seven modes/qualities below are part of the answer, but do not work in solo fashion but instead work together.

    In Learning as a Way of Being, Vaill offers a thoughtful critique of the roots of management education and argues that, if managers are to navigate the waters skillfully, insitutions of "higher learning" must, above all, teach managers how to integrate the discipline of learning into their very being. Such learning must be marked by strong self-direction, willingness to taker isks, and integration of the learning that life teaches outside the classroom.