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LEGO Ice Dragon Attack Instructions 2260, Ninjago

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Elemental dragons is my idea and solution to fix the lego dragons shortage, i think this would make a great set because each of the dragons is built in a different way to add variety to the persons building experience because none of us really like a repetitive build which lego have steered clear of so why change now. The concept is that every earth element( and maybe some others) each have a dragon as there guardian protecting their element. Also the dragons have traits of their element like the fire elemental has flames, the earth elemental has grass and so on.

LEGO Dragon Mountain Instructions 70403, Castle

3724-1: LEGO Dragon | Brickset: LEGO set guide and database

I've been going building with Legos for about 2 1/2 years now, and have decided to make a slideshow of my work, which contains mostly dragons.

For any of you who have been wondering why I've been inactive here on youtube is because I've been busy with other stuff :)
Some of you might have seen my work on Flickr or Deviantart under the username of Stormbringer -

This is my Lego dragon showcase, from 2010 - 2012, in chronological order.
In about 4 minutes you'll see two years of my work go by.
I really need to make more ;)

Here you get to see the evolution of my dragon building, which all began after I completed my Httyd Lego series.

I do not own the music. It is by Valentin Wiest, whom I've just recently discovered.

You can find his music on here -

The Music is "Gloria Imperatrix" Enjoy!

This model is from The End of Sports:

(Any similarity to Dino Yacht Club is purely coincidental)

Custom Stovepipe hats by V&A Steamworks:

More info about the Earth Dragon set (one of the coolest LEGO dragons ever)

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