I bought the remastered Let It Be album for the LIB lead break alone.

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Let It Be

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Let It Be

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Let It Be


Let It Be


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Why can’t I believe that the solo on LET IT BE, from the LET IT BE album, was done by a Beatle member? It seems like the same person who did the solo on LET IT BE is the same person who performed the solo on DIG A PONY. It sounds outside of the range of any Beatle member because no Beatle album prior to the LET IT BE album had a solo in that style and no post Beatle member ever had any solo remotely close the those two solos.

John Lennon felt little affection for the song, and was partly responsible for sandwiching it between the throwaway and on the Let It Be album, which effectively sent up any perceived portentousness.

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    Interesting observations, I heard and read somewhere it was George on everything except the initial Let It Be album, which was John. It is certainly a different style use Penatonic scale. I doubt very much it was Paul doing any of the solos on this song. Does The Beatles Sessions book say anything?

    The ’76 live version has a very spare brass arrangement, minus strings, that bears no resemblance at all to Spector’s work on the Let It Be album. It actually sounds much closer to the Let It Be…Naked version than to the Let It Be album.