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Linda Porter was born in Exeter, Devon in 1947. Her family have long-standing connections to the West Country, but moved to the London area when she was a small child. She was educated at Walthamstow Hall School in Sevenoaks and at the University of York, from which she has a doctorate in History. On completing her postgraduate work she moved to New York, where she lived for almost a decade, lecturing at Fordham University and the City University of New York.

I am pleased to submit this nomination for Ms. Linda Porter. She is truly deserving of an Unsung Hero Award. She is one of the strongest, intelligent, "ready and willing" advocates I know. I first met Linda at a Washington State Kinship Oversite committee meeting (before it was established as a committee) in 2002. She has a long history of advocating for the safety and well-being of children. She worked for many years at Childhaven directly with children impacted by abuse and neglect. She now continues that work by coordinating the “Lifetime Respite" program for Washington through Easter Seals. This effort ensures that caregivers (of all kinds) get the training and support they need to sustain care for vulnerable populations. Advocating for others and helping others is just part of who Linda is. Along with her professional work she has personally taken on the full-time care of her grandchildren. As a Kinship Caregiver she continues her work to make significant changes in our state to better the support for Kinship Caregivers as a whole. She understands the struggles often faced by relative caregivers and has been at the forefront of change in our state. She has taken action by speaking to legislative representatives, DSHS staff and serving on the Washington State Kinship Advisory Committee. Linda is not the sort of person who asks for help but the first person who would jump in to help others. She is upbeat, optimistic and very realistic. You can count on her to give an honest assessment of the need, value of intervention and 100% effort into finding solutions. She clearly has the best interest of children in her heart. Generations United recently published . She is one of the people who works behind the scenes, but doesn't mind jumping up to the mic when necessary – and especially if on behalf of children. I hope you will honor her for her substantial and significant advocacy on behalf of Kinship Caregivers in Washington state and for the thousands of children she has so personally nurtured through tough times and into health and well-being.

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4. Lastly, Linda lends her voice as an articulate writer and spokesperson on issues that matter to relatives raising children. She has on a number of occasions communicated to multiple state legislators, DSHS staff and to the Washington State Kinship Oversight Committee about her perspective and suggestions for improving the support services system of relatives raising children. I highly recommend Linda Porter for this special Unsung Hero recognition.

On Wednesday, April 20, 2016, I joined my friends Cheryl Laux and Linda Porter at the Indiana State Fairgrounds in protest of GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump's appearance in Indianapolis.