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Marge then decides to train on her own, practicing and writing peace words with the ribbon in her backyard, something that apparently doesn't help. Afraid Marge may get hurt or worse, Homer and Carl procure training for Marge in boxing from , jujitsu from , Greco-Roman wrestling from (who wrestled for under the nickname "The New Haven Nuisance"), as well as "bullying" from Kearney, Jimbo, and Dolph (to which they have a punching bag that contains a tied up Martin Prince and Principal Skinner). On the day of the match, most of the town is convinced Chett will win, and he knocks Marge out with one punch. Homer leaps to her rescue, but becomes stuck in the stadium chairs. Bart jumps in the ring to continue the fight. When Marge sees Chet hurting Bart, she bursts into a violent fighting rage and easily defeats him. She briefly relents when Chet forfeits the match and suggests that she give a bow. However, Chet had actually feigned surrendering and attempted to sneak attack Marge. Marge ended up sensing his fowl play, and performs a roundhouse kick to his face, defeating him for good. Marge tries to make a speech about how to end violence, noting that she discovered her own dark side through the course of the fight. In spite of her heartfelt speech, the audience has left to witness a drunken brawl in the parking lot. Homer and Marge leave the stadium with the intention to make love, with Bart challenging Lisa to settle their sibling feud. While they're running toward each other Lisa jumps in the air and the scene is paused for part of the credits, and played again with Lisa knocking Bart unconscious with one punch.

Was Da Vinci's Mona Lisa a knock-off? Curators at Spain's Prado museum made a pretty remarkable discovery: A duplicate of the Mona Lisa that may have been painted before Leonardo Da Vinci's version

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Germany's Marie Mavers opened the scoring Monday with a goal midway through the first period. Lisa Altenburg knocked in a backhanded shot high over USA goalie Jackie Briggs to put Germany up 2-0 late in the first.

I found this hilarious Lisa Larson knock-off Chia pet cat. Of course it's not original but I might just buy the seeds and spread it all over him. Will post updates haha. Until then...ch-ch-ch-Chia