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The Doctor's Little Ward (Little History Series Book 3)

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Neonatal: Little ward of miracles

Truth be told, we hadn't thought much about before 10:15 yesterday morning, nor had much opportunity to use the word in our writing. Ever. In any case, here's a little Ward Bakery before and after comparison, to give an indication of just how much parapet would have landed on your head had you had the misfortune to have been on Pacific Street around 9:50AM yesterday morning. We are certain that if you had been, your sacrifice via would not have been in vain.Labels: , , posted by rsguskind at

Here's a nice little ward trick to help you spot Evelynn with pink ward in your solo queue games.

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Neonatal: Little ward of miracles

Name: Ethel Little WARD
Sex: Female
Father: Robert Coomber WARD (1850-1916)
Mother: Mary Ann Jane LITTLE (1852-1933)

Neonatal: Little ward of miracles

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We had our ward over the weekend and it was a blast! Look how beautifully decorated it was. With , . They used wax paper to wrap the electric tea lights and create the icicle décor. and cheap, it was so We had a breakfast this year with mini quiche, cinnamon rolls, fruit, ham, muffins and you name it. Yummy! Then we had a little ward choir come in and sing a funny Christmas song, they and threw their music sheets in the air throughout the song. Then we did a ward tradition and sang the , this was done by assigning specific tables to the different days and then those table standing belting out and providing actions for their particular day. That was a blast and everyone really got into it! We finished up the party with a visit from a very walked around and gave gifts to each child and teen while the ward continued to sing Christmas songs. It was such a memorable party!