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In Abkhazia (in the Caucasus mountains of Russia) they eat a very similar diet to the Vilcabambans and have a very similar life expectancy too. With rare exception, fruits and vegetables are picked and eaten right away in their live raw food state. They also eat nuts on a very regular basis. They even get raw food benefits with the goats or sheep milk which they usually consume as a fermented unpasteurized yogurt.

Humans may had been consuming small amounts of cooked foods ever since fire was discovered and brought under control long before agriculture began (various estimates on this date), but again it is but a blink of an eye in evolutionary history. Humans are not adapted to eliminate the large amounts of toxins produced by heating live raw food. Some of the greatest live raw food benefits were shown by the work of Weston A. Price and Francis M. Pottenger. They both showed that the consumption of denatured cooked foods quickly leads to disease, organ malformations and abnormal bone structure development in humans and animals. These problems increased in severity with each successive generation of the species when they continued eating this way.

Animals in the wild live an average of ten times the number of years it takes them to reach maturity (Chimpanzee's mature by the age of 5 and live to be about 50). The average human lifespan is five times the number of years it takes to reach maturity. What could possibly be causing this difference between humans and the natural world? If there is anything you've taken from this raw food diet review, it's that cooked food creates a massive toxic load in the body. Is it possible that raw food benefits human longevity and that it could actually create drastic changes in life expectancy for the global population?

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    In the most famous longevity society, Okinawa, they may eat much of their food lightly steamed, but the small amount of animal products that they do eat are mostly in their live raw food form. Raw food protein from fish (eaten in sushi) is much better than eating the cooked alternative. It must also be noted that the fish in the Okinawa diet would have been eaten fresh, meaning it was caught the very same day that it was eaten. The fats in fish which have been touted as so healthful become rancid very quickly when exposed to air, heat and light. Cooked omega 3's (both long chain and short chain) contribute to diseases, not prevent them. Cooked fish is worse for your health than cooked beef.

    The Linus Pauling Institute has found that boiling cruciferous vegetables for a mere 9 minutes results in a 59% loss of the phytochemical indol-3-carbinol, which in other studies done abroad, as well as at this same institute, is the key nutrient that is being promoted as one of the most powerful anti-carcinogenic compounds in the human diet. Absolutely nothing of value has been added by only cooking this food! The following list further outlines this bio-chemically destructive insanity that is known as cooking. There are live raw food benefits listed above that are lost through cooking, but below is a list of the toxic compounds through cooking: