How did you make the mad gab card?

Mad Gab Game


Lauren Warner, Staff Writer – Mad Gab Lip Butters Review

Mad Gab Picto-Gabs Card Game: It's not what you SAY, it's what you HEAR. Put your eyes and ears to the test as you decipher funny puzzles made up of pictures and words. First, figure out the word that each picture represents then read the entire puzzle out loud, you might be reading something like "BALL STUNK LAMP SHOUTER." Can you hear what you're saying? Repeat the phrase a few more times and you're sure to guess "Boston Clam Chowder." The first team to solve 5 puzzles wins the game. For 2 teams.

He said the next big challenge is for Mad Gab’s to have a closer relationship with consumers, not just wholesalers, that includes more brand recognition. The company hopes to one day be sold in Cracker Barrel retail stores nationwide, which would add about 600 locations where it’s sold.

I'd like the list please! I love Mad Gabs. So much

Mad Gab
Discontinued by vendor

So cute! I love Mad Gab… can't wait to play this! Thanks for sharing!

ooh, we just played regular Mad Gab not too long ago and it was so fun! I would love to have the answers emailed to me! It would be fun to play at my husband's Halloween birthday party!queenofeverything1016[at]yahoo[dot]com

The unscented lip balm is the biggest seller, Campbell said, but new products such as a white tea lotion and hot cocoa lip balm are in the works. L.L. Bean sales of the Mad Gab’s products are up 14 percent over last year, which Campbell says is “really good.”