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Magic Knight Rayearth Volume 1 (Magic Knight Rayearth Omnibus)


龍咲 海 Umi Ryuuzaki、海神セレス Celes:魔法騎士レイアース Magic Knight Rayearth - CLAMP

★ Overall (8) - Full of speedy adventure, a pinch of mystery, a forbidden romance, and a twist ending, Magic Knight Rayearth is a highly enjoyable and fun manga. The main fault of this manga is its very short length (for part one). The world is so interesting and richly detailed, that it seems both a pity and a waste not to fully explore and really dive into it after all those imaginative ideas come popping through. Three volumes really aren't long enough in the slightest for such an intricate world, but what the reader is offered is enough to ensnare their senses nonetheless. Part one of Magic Knight Rayearth might not be a masterpiece (or Clamp's masterpiece), but it is absolutely worth a read time and time again.

Many people do ask me what my very first anime was. Well, here’s my answer: Magic Knight Rayearth. I watched it a really long time ago when I was young, and I was absolutely crazy about it. I enjoyed role-playing as the Magic Knights with my friends as we fight imaginary monsters (aka the air around us). Ah, the good ol’ times. Recently, I watched it again to relive my childhood times. Despite it being a really old anime, I enjoyed it all the same.

Magic Knight Rayearth - Fuu, Hikaru, Umi

  • Magic Knight Rayearth Episode 28 English Dubbed
  • Magic Knight Rayearth, Umi Ryuzaki, Hikaru Shidou, Mokona

    ★ Art (10) - Richly detailed and highly ornate, Magic Knight Rayearth is a feast for the eyes. Featuring Clamp's famous older and very intricate artstyle, the series is layered with very detailed character designs. Large, luminescent eyes with long lashes; slender, long-limbed bodies and quirky hairstyles are found on every character. Both villains, heroes and all the in-betweeners look their best in highly imaginative and beautifully designed clothes; stylish boots, jeweled outfits, pleated skirts and long, cascading capes make every character look their best regardless if they're fighting to save the world of destroy it. Set in a gorgeous, high fantasy world that is crumbling to ruins, everything from the buildings to the backgrounds are drawn to perfection. Being an older series, there is a distinctive 80's feel to the whole artstyle, but one that is very beautifully, and very painstakingly done. If you didn't come for the story, the artwork can nonetheless be highly appreciated.

    Magic Knight Rayearth follows 3 very different girls – Hikaru, Umi and Fuu, who are suddenly given the titles of the Legendary Magic Knights, and are tasked with the important responsibility of saving a whole new universe which they have never heard of! A second ago, they were just your everyday ordinary school girls on a field trip to the Tokyo Tower. The very next second, they’re being thrown through the sky into Cephiro, a whole new universe, where they are 3 Legendary Magic Knights on a quest to save Cephiro!