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Mahjongg Mahjongg - Chinese Fan Mahjong

If you are a mahjong fan - this one is for you. Go on a wild adventure to the ancient Toltects in a beautifully crafted tile-matching mahjong game! Let Magical Totem will help guide your way in. Relaxing music and gorgeous surroundings will speed you along on your quest! Great for all ages! Game features: *333 layouts *Adventure and Classic modes *Several tile sets and backgrounds

All-in-One Mahjong 2 has 2 modes and 48 layouts. It's perfect for mahjong fans. Match tiles, clear the board and choose your background in this completely free game. Play All-in-One Mahjong 2 today!

Play this free online Chinese Fan shaped Mahjongg puzzle layout.

  • Some more sound effects and perhaps ambient music would be nice.
  • Challenge mode for big Mahjong fans could help this appeal to hardened players.

Mahjong For Free - Chinese Fan Mahjong

Mahjong Solitarus is not just any mahjong game. First of all, it sports a beautiful interface with all sorts of tile sets to choose from. However, Mahjong Solitarus separates itself from the rest because you can edit and share your own layout with other mahjong fans online. Mahjong in itself is a fascinating game mixing luck and strategy that can really suck you in.

Mahjong is coming to the Wii and, not surprisingly, Koei is the responsible party. We at long last (and you know you've been counting the days, mahjong fan!) have full details on the Wii's first mahjong game.