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Making the Match: The Right Book for the Right Reader at the Right Time, Grades 4-12


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Foreword by Kylene Beers
"My Life as a Reader in a Stolen Moment Talkin' Blues" by John H. Ritter
"On Reading, or a Reader Grows in Brooklyn" by Mel Glenn
Part 1: Knowing the Kids
"A Literary Quest" by Carolyn Meyer
1. What Is a Young Adult?
"Exploring Feelings and Desires in Books" by Jack Gantos
2. Adolescent Development: Physical, Mental, Emotional, Social
"Finding the Meaning Myself" by Chris Crutcher
3. What Young Adults Tell Us About Books, Reading, and Educators
"The Gift of Reading" by Joan Lowery Nixon
4. Getting to Know You: Using Surveys and Questionnaires
"What Reading Means to Me" by Chris Crowe
"The Richness of Books" by Jeanette Ingold
Part II: Knowing the Books
"The Hardy Boys Made Me Do It" by Paul Janeczko
5. What Makes a Book "Good"?
"A Reader, a Romantic" by Cynthia Leitich-Smith
6. Fiction Genres for Adolescents
"Writing to Make One Fall from Trees" by T. A. Barron
7. Moving from Fiction to Informational Books
"Reading: Natural and Essential" by Lori Aurelia Williams
"Riding the Roller Coaster" by Sonya Sones
Part III: Making the Match
"Lift Off" by Kimberly Willis Holt
8. Reading Aloud: The Power of the Spoken Word
"Wondering What's Around the Bend" by Sharon Creech
9. Booktalking: Making Personal Introductions Between Books and Readers
"Books Make Life Easier" by Michael Cart
10. Motivating Readers>
Afterword by Joan Bauer
"Teaching Kids to Love to Read" by Lee Bennett Hopkins
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Make The Match: Randy Savage vs. Randy Orton
Aug 20, 2013

aiming to maximize the identification of the best match.

In Making the Match she focuses on three distinct areas that will assist teachers and librarians in steering students to the literature they love:

Many people know AbelCine for the scene files we create for various cameras. Last year, I wrote a column called "Making The Match" (HDVideoPro, April 2013), and I outlined my process for creating matching scene files for various cameras. We received a lot of great feedback on that column and have received even more interest in matching files.