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Narrow Shoulder 1:6 Scale Action Figure Male Muscular Body Toys Doll for HeadPlay HT TTM18 TTM19

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1:6 ZY Toys Muscular Male Action Figure Body

This is a project I did for a client. He wanted a proof of concept for an articulated male action figure body type that can be used for customizing. The figure is 8 inch tall and it is the first figure I did that uses ball joints for the head, ankles and wrists. The pins to hold the elbows and knees together are also a first. Because of them I do not need to separate the forearms and lower legs which left very visible seams on my previous figures. It is also the first time I did articulated toes.

Well here's one you might not have considered: action figures. If you haven't looked at these "dolls for boys" recently, you might be surprised to see just how over-developed the average male action figure is these days.

Male Nurse Action Figure - Not a doctor and proud of it








BIG JOE #12 Anatomically Correct Male Action figure, Only 29.95


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Roobini and Trisshala have big plans in store for the Velara Warriors, they intend to roll out additional story books to expand the Velara Universe, as well as create male action figures, to “encourage the idea that girls and boys are heroes together.” They also hope to develop an animated series.

Determined to inspire both girls and boys with strong and powerful role models, sisters Roobini and Trisshala Sittampalam are on a mission to close the gender gap in the toy aisle with their new line of female action figures, the .