Miami-Dade County, FL Wall Map 60" Rail Mounted, Dolph Map Inc

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Compare Garmin GPSMap 62S vs Garmin GPSMap 60Csx

GPSmap 60 GPS Navigation The Compass Page The Compass Ring moves to indicate North orientation Compass Page The Course Pointer course of travel and the distance Course Pointer Pointer always direction to your Bearing Pointer Using the Compass Page The Compass Page is your guide to accurate and efficient navigation. It uses traditional navigation displays to provide navigation information.

first data field on the page will be highlighted. When you press ENTER, a list of data options will appear. Refer to page 11 for details on changing data fields. GPSmap 60 GPS Navigation The Compass Page...

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  • It is unsafe to operate the controls of the unit while you are driving. Failure by the driver of a vehicle equipped with a GPSmap 60 installed to pay full attention to operation of the vehicle and road conditions while the vehicle is in motion could result in an accident with property damage and personal injury.

  • Garmin GPSmap 60CSx--Measure Distance

    GPSmap 60 GPS Navigation The Map Page Guidance Text Options Menu GPS Status Message when not navigating Guidance Message when navigating To display Guidance Text: With Map Page displayed, press the MENU key to display the Map Page Options Menu.

    GPSmap 60 GPS Navigation The Trip Computer Page Select “Change Data Fields” or press the ROCKER key to highlight a field you want to change. Options Menu Big Numbers Using the Trip Computer Page The Trip Computer Page provides you with a wide variety of travel data that is useful when navigating long distances.