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Maps in books, especially series, are so helpful! They allow me to better envision where everything takes place. Julie, I applaud you for giving a series a try! Hope you enjoy it and write many more, sprinkling stand-alones in there every now and then (because I love those too). That cover is so gorgeous! Can hardly wait to read this book!

I love maps in books! I can picture our hero/heroine at a specific location. I typically refer to it a couple of times during the course of reading the book.

Dorothy - Book Map - Original Open Edition

Noun1.book of maps - a collection of maps in book form  
map collection, atlas
book of facts, reference book, reference work, reference - a book to which you can refer for authoritative facts; "he contributed articles to the basic reference work on that topic"
gazetteer - a geographical dictionary (as at the back of an atlas)
dialect atlas, linguistic atlas - an atlas showing the distribution of distinctive linguistic features

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I love maps in books, on my walls….and yes I think it is helpful especially for a series. By the way, I love your work and I know I will enjoy your new series.

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