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I’m inspired by the underdog story, hence my fascination and obsession with the Rocky movies (among other stories). The concept implied in the title of this book was reason enough to pick it up. It also turned me on to Ryan Holiday as a voice of direction in a confusing world of mass-marketing. Drawing on the wisdom of the Stoics (namely Marcus Arilious), Holiday illustrates through stories past and present the power of using our greatest challenges as the means of overcoming them, showing that we have the power to turn our giants into vehicles that propel us forward instead of being the things that hold us back.

: this is all very silly, even back in the Days of Galen when Marcus Arilious was emperor of the Romans the recognized variance in gender
Male: Mostly Male: Ambiguous some male: both: neither: Ambiguous some female: Mostly Female: Female.
Modern medicine in the West has largely tried to erase this with surgery at birth to assign gender.

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In the movive , Marcus Arilious (don't hold the spelling against me)- aka Caesar is talking to Maximus (Russel Crowe) about what Rome is. It isn't a place; it isn't its people, but more of a dream. He warned that if people spoke of it too loudly, it would disappear.

How can I compare Rome to modern-day America? It's not a place; it's not its people, but more of a dream. And people have been speaking of it too loudly, and for now it seems muddled behind the thundering voices, if not gone all together. You know how people talk about that "thin middle line" where harmony lives- that is true America. The place where the left and right meet perfectly.

Achievable? Doubtful, but it is briefly experienced as the pendulum swings back and forth over time. The pendulum is swinging too fast, fueled by the increasing hate in this country, that the middle is so brief it's like a whisper in the midst of a hurricane. We're so busy yelling at the rights for their "oppresive morals" and pointing fingers at the leftists for their lack of common sense, that we forget we are all people in probably the greatest nation in the history of mankind.

You want to move to Canada because of who was elected President? Go ahead. The Mexican government has just published an on how to cross the border illegally, safely, and easily (complete with illustrations). Why? Because they know we're the better country.

You want to complain about how you're being oppressed by someone saying the word "God" in a holy and reverent manor? Fine. Go to a muslim country were you're life and the lives of your family is in danger if you're not of the faith.

Why is true America so hard to grasp and hold on to? Because it means that you have the right not to believe in God and take your children to a school where God is not talked about, but the people right next to you have the right to believe and have their children taught the same. You want a great speech (better than one I can write) explaining this- watch .

America is a great nation, but if we continue to talk too loudly, one day we'll find we've fallen to be like everyone else.