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So, this then led me to reading books by Loren Cordain who is known as the #1 researcher and Pioneer in Paleo Dieting, read books by Robb Wolf, Mark Scisson, Jeff Volek, Arthur De Vany, Stephen Phinney, and many more… And with the combined research and information of these Paleo Poineers for the subsequent years I began to fine-tune my approach to eating and lifestyle… Testing, tweaking, analyzing, and optimizing my lifestyle to a point of Primal Perfection… And thru all of the years of ups and downs, testing different approaches, finding an approach that started leading me to feel healthy, and then perfecting the approach has led me to developing this program – PRIMAL EVOLUTION FITNESS and the Primal Plan.

One study () from the 1940s found that varying amounts of twenty-four hour IFs (every other day, every fourth day, every eighth day, etc) prolonged the lifespan of rats without retarding or stunting the growth (as occurred with calorie restricting them). Female rats responded best to every eight day fasts, while males responded best to every other day fasts. – Mark Scisson ()

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Mark Sisson is a former elite marathoner and triathlete

I understand Chris is not simplying saying “do weights, not cardio”, but its essentially what the article alludes to. This is the general theme amongst most of the current top practicioners in this community.. Mark Scisson, Rob Wolff etc. I’ve read all the books and articles.

“I recommend consuming a sensible amount of fluid each day, using your thirst as a guide to maintain optimum hydration. Sometimes this might be eight glasses of water, sometimes much less than half that.” – Mark Scisson