Marriage Made in Hope (The Penniless Lords)


"Marriages are made in Heaven" [John Lyly ]

On the other hand, should one choose to ignore the warnings from the intellect that Allah has bestowed on one, and proceed into a marriage with an incompatible spouse, how is that miserable marriage made in Heaven, when Heaven is bliss?

If we assume, momentarily, for the purpose of this article that marriage is made in Heaven, how does an individual become aware that a particular person is her/ his “made-in-Heaven” spouse?

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    Why were we taught by Allah and His Messenger the principles of choosing a spouse if we have no say in whom we marry? If marriage was made in Heaven as alleged by some Muslims, why were we informed we must never marry our parents?

    Why did the Messenger of Allah and his male and female Companions divorce their spouse if Allah had authorized their marriage? Did they instead desire a marriage made on earth? Or perhaps one made in Hell?