Maureen Johnson (Heather Weston)

The Name of the Star (The Shades of London)


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Maureen Johnson is a graduate of the . Prior to that she attended an all-girl preparatory high school. In the short period between her undergraduate and graduate careers, Johnson worked in , , and . She was the literary manager of a Philadelphia theater company, a waitress in a theme restaurant, a secretary, a bartender in , and an occasional performer. She studied both writing and theatrical dramaturgy at , where she received her in Writing.

Maureen Johnson (born February 16, 1973, in , Pennsylvania) is an American author of . She has published ten young adult novels to date, including the series and the series.

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    Maureen Johnson, author of several popular books including the 13 Little Blue Envelopes and Shades of London series, has recently announced via twitter that she will be joining a night of talks at the Southbank Centre in London on February 14th. She’ll be joining authors James Dawson, Gemma Malle and Abigail Gibbs for a talk entitled ‘Love, Vampires, Werewolves and the Supernatural’. This fantastic group will be discussing the interesting topic of why the supernatural plays such a prevalent role in young adult romantic literature, as well as why love hurts.

    I got to meet John Green during his book tour for The Fault in Our Stars (shut up, this is relevant.) When I met him I thanked him for two things – one, everything he’s done to enrich the lives of teens, two, recommending that we follow Maureen Johnson on Twitter. Honestly, I feel it’s the best thing he’s ever given me.