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Merlin Tarot and a 72 Card Deck by R

Based entirely on the adventures of Merlin, drawn directly from authentic twelfth-century sources, this is a modern restatement of a set of primal, powerful magical images which predate the earliest known set of Tarot cards by over 300 years. "The Merlin Tarot" includes "The Merlin Tarot deck", illustrated by Miranda Gray, together with the "Merlin Tarot handbook", R.J. Stewart's examination of the cards, their relationship to the cosmology and psychology of ancient Merlin texts, and their use in: meditation; vizualisation; and divination.

Given that, besides Gray's book and The Miracle Tree (with its strong focus on meditation forms), I have found Living Magical Arts (1987) and Advanced Magical Arts (1988) to be fundamental and valuable resources. Among the many topics it covers, Living Magical Arts goes into some detail on the various divisions of the paths, visualization and Tarot trumps, and relations between worlds and beings. Advanced Magical Arts is exceptional for its coverage of mediating the Tree and experiencing the Mysteries: the Weaver, the Underworld, Merlin, the Vault, and the Son of Light. RJS informs me that these two books are currently being reprinted in new editions by Thoth Publications, UK. Living Magical Arts will be published in May, and Advanced Magical Arts in October of this year (2005). Finally, the book that came with the original Merlin tarot deck is deceptively dense and multilayered, peppered throughout with mind-blowing bits. It works for me the way I suspect Crowley's Book of Thoth works for many people who are happy in more the mainstream Golden Dawn and Thelemic currents.

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