Miami Babylon is compulsively readable and wonderfully written.

But don’t mistake Miami Babylon for a dry history book.

Miami Babylon: Crime, Wealth, and Power--A Dispatch from the Beach


Babylon Turkish Restaurant - Miami Beach

The Daily Beast hosts Gerald Posner and his latest book, MIAMI BABYLON: Crime Wealth and Power - A Dispatch from the Beach, at the Texas Book Fair in Austin. The Daily Beast Senior Editor, Bryan Curtis, has a converstation with Posner.

Simon and Schuster has known since March that Miami Babylon contains dozens of plagiarized passages, yet six months later, they continue to sell the book. It's obvious that Simon and Schuster not only condones plagiarism but continues to profit from it. Any ethical publishing house would have immediately withdrawn the book and apologized to readers and apologized to me. What Simon and Schuster is doing is flat-out fraud. The company is defrauding the reader who has a right to expect that the words contained in Miami Babylon are the work of the author listed on the cover. The publishing house has made a business decision that it's more profitable to continue to sell plagiarized work than admit that Miami Babylon not only steals numerous passages from my book Clubland, but steals multiple passages from other writers' work too.

Babylon, the finest of turkish cuisine in Miami Beach, FL.

David L. Wylie says:

Finished Posner’s Miami Babylon last weekend and found it fast-paced,titillating, extremely interesting and a down-right must read for anyone living in South Florida.  I kept coming across names of folks that I personally know or, at least have met in passing.  Great job Gerald!  Can’t wait for your next literary offering!

Posted on 10/07/2009 at 10:47 AM

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Ultimately, "Miami Babylon" is a well researched resource on the history and development of Miami Beach with special focus on the speculative land development, economic bubble growth, and inevitable crash of both the 1920's and the 2000's. The South Beach of today is a far cry from its humble beginings but it is also a far cry from the Miami Vice/cigarette boat craze of the 1970's. If a reader is searching for the history, the drive, and the soul of a big time American city, "Miami Babylon" should be a must read."}">

Compare the way The Daily Beast handled Gerald Posner's plagiarism. When Tina Brown was alerted by Slate's Jack Shafer that Posner had ripped off numerous other writers for his articles in The Daily Beast, the online magazine conducted a thorough investigation and then forced Posner to resign in disgrace. By contrast, Simon and Schuster continues to defend Posner when the evidence is crystal clear that Miami Babylon is rife with stolen passages from other writers.