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Sinai Connection Ep 8 by Michael Rood

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Let No Pagan Judge You Part 2 of 2 by Michael Rood

Michael John Rood has continued many of the themes and practices which made TWI a cult. BothTWI and Rood: a) disparage the Christian Church as full of deception and pagan practices; b)consider themselves to be the one source of truth, the revealer of the unknown Mystery and theway out of "pagan" Christianity; c) follow the teachings of one Man who can lead them out ofdeception, d) warned that America would be attacked and destroyed by Communist powers, e)promote highly speculative, unfounded and inaccurate theories, f) devote attention to minutedetail on areas of "research" that have essentially little significance, g) criticize celebration ofChristmas (TWI replaced it with "Happy Household Holidays), h) use similar terminology, suchas when Rood refers to believers receiving "the gift of holy spirit," (Mystery of Iniquity, p. 54)meaning that they receive the human spirit which Adam, lost at the fall, not "the Holy Spirit" asevangelical Christianity teaches, i) promote the "Lamsa Bible" written by George Lamsa, whichclaims to the translated from the Aramaic and therefore more accurate than translations from theGreek. Lamsa actually rejects most central Christian beliefs (his doctrine is similar to the UnitySchool of Christianity where he worked for many years) and his translation is deeply flawed inmany ways ("George M. Lamsa-- Christian Scholar or Cultic Torchbearer?" Christian ResearchJournal, by John Juedes on

Michael John Rood is clearly not a reputable Christian minister and Messianic rabbi as he claimsto be, nor is he a reliable source for accurate Bible teaching.. His speculative predictions aboutend time events, archaeology and other topics have led, and will continue to lead, to moredisturbance in the minds of those who accept his theories. His adherence to teachings and practicelearned in a cult, and his legalism draw people away from the grace of Jesus Christ which the NewTestament teaches. People would be wise to neither accept Rood's teachings nor support hisministry.

Michael Rood is the TBN of Hebrew Roots sensationalism.

Curious…. does Michael Rood even believe that Jesus is God?

The questions would be, precisely what has been the Michigan office address for A Rood Awakening Ministries since 2004? If Michael Rood has been living in Kent county, Michigan, according to the legal document, why is there no evidence of him having a place of residence there? And why, if he resided in Israel, is there no addresses for contact to him or A Rood Awakening in Michigan, prior to July, 2007?

Regarding the Corporate Sole registered in Arizona, Michael Rood stated he did not know anything about it, and made it sound as if there was a conspiracy afoot to have everything put in Jamie Louis's name in the preceding months to this fiasco. From his writings, and posting of an audio tape: