Mickey Bolitar is the main character full of wittiness, and courage.

Found (A Mickey Bolitar Novel)


3. Found (Mickey Bolitar book #3) - Found came out recently in 2014

Seconds Away begins moments after Shelter’s cliffhanger ending, with Mickey Bolitar looking at a photo of the Butcher of Lodz, a sadistic Nazi who supposedly died at the end of World War II. The only problem is, the man in the photograph is also the paramedic who took away Mickey’s father after he died in a car crash.

When it comes to reading the Harlan Coben books in order, based on my own experience I can tell you this: you should read the Myron Bolitar series in order, however the stand alone novels, read them as you find them. There is also the Mickry Bolitar series of currently 2 books only, that caters to young adults. I think those should be read in order as well.

Mickey, Mickey Bolitar Series vs. Flynt, The Butterfly Clues

Shelter, a Mickey Bolitar novel by Harlan Coben

Seconds Away is the follow-up to the 2011 novel by Harlan Coben (Tell No One). Written for young adults but still accessible to older readers too – the main protagonist of both books is Mickey Bolitar, nephew of former basketball player turned sports agent Myron Bolitar, whom many of Coben’s regular fans will be familiar with – this highly anticipated sequel delves deeper still into the world of the mysterious Abeona Shelter, as three unlikely teenage heroes try to solve an ongoing murder investigation and hunt down the Butcher of Lodz…

So let's see what is the right order of the Myron Bolitar series, his stand alone novels and his Mickey Bolitar series, along with a short review of each book.