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Morrisby Profile: Careers & Abilities Test for Individual Students |

Morrisby Profile Psychometric Test - Dragon Career Associates. The Morrisby Profile is long established among careers guidance specialists, recruiters and employers as one of the best and more useful psychometric assessments for those at a career crossroads wishing to decide on a career or educational path. It consists of six ability tests, four personality measures and two manual dexterity measures. The six ability tests include: the Compound Series Test (CST); three General Ability Tests (GAT) - Verbal, Numerical & Perceptual; The Shapes Test, and the Mechanical Ability Test.

The result is a 2. There are many interest- only based career matching systems available, but the Morrisby Profile combines interests with your unique abilities, which is why many recruiters and employers use it as a screening tool, to select the best applicants to interview. The combined results of the Morrisby assessments can be used to give you a valuable profile of yourself and of your strengths and limitations. As well as the report, the Morrisby Profile service offered by Dragon Career Associates includesup to an hour with one of our career coaches. . During this meeting our Associate will discuss your report with you, as well as the implications of the results for your career or study choices in the future. The Morrisby Profile report is yours to keep, and any information discussed with our Associates is deemed strictly confidential.

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MORRISBY DIFFERENTIAL TEST BATTERY. General Indications Report. Manual Dexterity. Taken together the two manual dexterity. MORRISBY DIFFERENTIAL TEST.

Many parents of teenagers worry that they are losing their influence. They suspect that their children are guided more by peer pressure and fitting in with their friends than anything their parents might tell them. But research evidence shows that it is in fact parents who are young people’s main influence in choosing careers. During the writing of this toolkit we talked to a large number of teenage girls and they all, without exception, agreed that parents were their main role models and source of help at this time. They wanted and welcomed their parents’ advice and support so long as – and this is critical – their parents did not try to take control. More than once, they imagined themselves as driving a car, towards a destination that they had chosen, with their mum or dad sitting beside them. Whenever they were anxious about what way to go, their parent would offer to check the map and suggest routes – but no backseat driving!