Romance: Bad Boy Romance: BROKEN (MC Biker Secret Baby Romance) (Contemporary Motorcycle Club Military Thriller)

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but not quite final part in this series of essential motorcycle books – I had intended this to be a 3 part series but the sheer volume of top shelf recommendations has been overwhelming.

For many of our followers in the northern hemisphere, the nights are drawing in. It might mean less time for riding, but it leaves more time for building and fettling—and reading. So we’ve picked out five motorcycle books that have impressed us recently. Is there room for one of these on your shelf?

Motorcycle Books and Motorcycle Book Reviews

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  • Essential Motorcycle Books - Part 3 - Silodrome

    Defining exactly what a “motorcycle book” is isn’t as easy as it may sound, do you include only books that are about motorcycles? Or do you also include books that encompass the wider community of motorcyclists including adventures, philosophy, history and photography? For me, that latter definition hit the nail on the head – so I ran with it.

    in a new series covering essential motorcycle books, I’ll be adding a Part 2 and 3 in the coming weeks, so stay tuned and clear some space on your bookshelves. If you have any suggestions please send them to me on Twitter here or Facebook here, I’d love to hear them and everything will be seriously considered.

    I did a critique recently of “,” an interesting book in some ways, in need of better editing in others. I’m not sure if that was the trigger but I got an email more recently asking if I’d be interested in receiving the motorcycle books published by Motorbooks, Inc. and reviewing them. Of course I said yes.