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Hits of 76ix Pt 2


There's no question Mr 76IX (the otherwise anonymous P

And this weekend Steve Gravener gears up for the must-visit Sequence techno party with an exciting cross-section of artists and styles. Namely, elder statesman Luke Vibert and thundering rave don Mr 76ix.

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  • Artist
    Mr 76ix
    3 (minority of 1)
    Cat. No.
    Release Date
    May 2007
    18 Tracks
  • MR 76IX - Experiment Four (2012) - IsraBox

    Mr76ix - 3 (minority of 1) - Skald021

    Skam Records

    1. Spirit of man
    2. Wodens Phallus
    3. Time Cycle
    4. The Archaic Revival
    5. Paradigm Shift
    6. Mindworm
    7. H.A.A.R.P
    8. Shape Shifter
    9. Sex Myself
    10. Traits
    11. Tesla ACID
    12. 9
    13. Wordless Aeon
    14. Rv Human ++
    15. Battle Bots
    16. Romanticism
    17. Cartoon Dreamz
    18. Games People Play

    Limited amount of white (ehhh black) label vinyls in advance of the full release which has been postponed, now scheduling for september!!! More tracks from the MR 76IX archives for your listening and toe tapping pleasure. Presented in simple hand finished packaging with a no nonsense approach to releasing electronic music